Other ways to help

Support Arizona's only home-delivered 24/7 reading service! 

We need financial resources in order to keep programs on the air, to subscribe to newspapers and magazines, and to maintain the broadcast gear and technology needed to deliver a high quality signal. There are many ways you can support Sun Sounds of Arizona:

Make a small, monthly gift

Visit our "Donate Now" link and registered your monthly gift for Sun Sounds.  Even as little as $5 or $10 a month turns into big support for your local Sun Sounds affiliate.  If you have questions about how to make a monthly gift on line, or would prefer to do so over the phone, contact any Sun Sounds of Arizona staff member.

Shop with Amazon Smile

We've registered the Sun Sounds Foundation with Amazon.com.  Simply follow this link, http://smile.amazon.com/ch/86-0906022.  When you go there INSTEAD of Amazon.com, you can select the Sun Sounds Foundation as your charity of choice.  Then, when you shop at Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase price on everything Amazon offers is donated to Sun Sounds!  If you wish, you can even install an "Amazon Smile" shortcut on your browser's shortcut bar.  If you have questions, ask you local Sun Sounds' staff for help!

United Way and Workplace Giving Campaigns

Sun Sounds of Arizona is eligible to receive your donor-directed or donor designated gift in United Way and other workplace campaigns. When you're asked to participate at work, please consider nameing Sun Sounds of Arizona as the beneficiary of your generous, workplace campaign giving.

Employer Matching

Many Arizona employers match your giving. When you donate, ask your human resources office if the company you (or your spouse) work for will match all or a portion of your gift. Even if your employer doesn't match your gift, they may have a charitable giving program which Sun Sounds could apply to! Consider being our "ambassador toi your company. Contact your local Sun Sounds of Arizona staff member to learn more.

CAR Donation! Unused vehicles can become useful reading services!

Do you have a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle that you no longer drive? Consider donating it to Sun Sounds! Your donation will help others receive local news and information, and it may qualify for a tax deduction. Call 1-877-786-2279 or click here to complete the online donation form.

 Why Supporting Sun Sounds Matters

"My wife is so excited that I can listen to the financial news!" - John, Scottsdale.  John is just one of thousands of members who rely on, and support, Sun Sounds.  John's wife might be appreciative of the time she saves because Sun Sounds is doing the readings! We find that while one member of a household is a registered member, the entire family benefits.

The largest single source of support for Sun Sounds of Arizona is the volunteer corps.  If Sun Sounds had to pay for all of the time donated by our generous and kind volunteers, the cost would cripple our ability to serve.Rio Salado College and the Sun Sounds Foundation round out our perennial top-three sources of supporting organizations. You can learn more about Rio Salado at their home page, www.riosalado.edu and the Sun Sounds Foundation by clicking here.