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Fundraising at Sun Sounds is designed to always keep the horse in front of the cart, meaning we raise money to provide a service and not the other way around. I hope that's not news to you, but it's good to say aloud from time to time. Maintaining a sharp focus on delivering service is what fuels our fundraising efforts. Our fundraising results are what fuel the service possibilities at Sun Sounds.

Have you been thinking about supporting Sun Sounds with a gift?

Here are some ways you can give without breaking the budget at home:

  • Donate an unused car, truck, boat, or vehicle. Vehicle donations can help get that old clunker out of your driveway, provide you with a tax deduction, and help us read to more people. Make a small, monthly gift using a credit or debit card or an automated transfer at your bank. These smaller gifts can really add up over time and give Sun Sounds a better cash flow all year long.
  • Have you got a will? After you take care of your family, consider naming Sun Sounds as a beneficiary in your estate plans. The tax consequences of doing so may be very positive for your family and loved ones. See your financial advisor/attorney on this one.
  • Does your employer match your giving? Many Arizona companies will match your gift dollar for dollar, or use a scale based on your volunteer hours. Ask your human resources department about gift matching.